herbal medicineHerbal therapy is one of the world’s oldest healing art, and is actually the basis for modern Western Pharmacology. Herbal medicine therapy involves the use of barks, roots, flavors, leaves, seeds, plants and minerals, each having its own specific characteristics. It is an organized, consistent and powerful medical system. After assessing your health according to traditional patterns and nutritional concepts, we will design an herbal preparation, which will complement your acupuncture treatment. Herbal medicine aims to correct imbalances, resolve patterns of dysfunction and the underlying cause of your health concern. It is another treatment modality to be used in conjunction with diet and nutrition as part of your health plan to help your body restore itself to wholeness. Under the guidance of the theories of herbal medicine, a practitioner makes a diagnosis using unique techniques and then prescribes 2 to 20 or more herbs to form the herbal remedy according to the individual person’s specific pattern of physical and mental imbalance or disharmony. The herbal remedies composed of raw herbs are normally taken as the form of herbal tea, however, many well established essential remedies are also available in the forms of pills, tablets, capsules, granules and concentrated powders. Herbal medicine can address any of the conditions treated by Western Medicine as well as promote health and enhance well-being.