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Kim's Acupunctrue
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by Emily on Kim's Acupunctrue

I went to Dr. Kim after 2 cycles of IUI and 15 months of trying to conceive. We had unexplained infertility- what a frustrating diagnosis. On the first cycle of seeing Dr. Kim, I became pregnant. I still cant believe it worked that fast. I miscarried at 5 weeks, but I am encouraged by the success and am now trying again. I'll update my review if I get some more good news this month!*

by Heather Johnson on Kim's Acupunctrue

I started coming to Dr. Kim in February 2015. In January 2015 I was diagnosed with PCOS. My husband and I were trying to conceive so my doctor wanted to put me on clomid to help me ovulate. I wanted to see if there was a more natural approach to this. I looked into acupuncture and the benefits it has on fertility issues. That is when I found Dr. Kim. Before I started the acupuncture I had irregular periods and was not ovulating regularly. Within 2 weeks of starting the acupuncture, my cycle came. I started to feel better and better after each visit. I had less stress and anxiety, I was sleeping better and I had more energy. For the first month I came twice a week for treatment. Then I went to once a week. The first week of April I conceived. In a little less than 2 months of acupuncture I had gotten my cycle on time, 2 months in a row and conceived naturally. Once I found out I was pregnant I continued to come see Dr. Kim once a week. I truly believe it helped lessen my nausea and fatigue. I plan to return when I am further in the pregnancy to help with discomfort. I cannot thank Dr. Kim enough for all he did for my husband and I.*

by Ashley on Kim's Acupunctrue

I and my husband first went to Dr. Kim after 9 months of trying to get pregnant. My doctor had recently diagnosed me as having PCOS. After the initial consultation with Dr. Kim we quickly got to work and he treated me holistically from the needles to my diet to reassuring conversation. He helped me through this challenging time both physically and emotionally. He told me it would take 6-12months for me to be balanced and my body to be ready. My fertility doctor told me my only option was IVF. Imagine our delight when I got pregnant naturally, no clomid, no in vitro, nothing, about 7 months after I started seeing Dr. Kim.

During my pregnancy, I saw Dr. Kim every1-2 weeks. He helped relieve many of my symptoms, including nausea and swelling. As I closed my due date I got more and more ready to give birth. I have a family history of long labors. I went to Dr. Kim the week before and then three days before my due date to get things moving in a natural way. I went into labor the day I was due and gave birth within 4 hours of arriving at the hospital. I truly believe that I dilated so quickly and easily because of the treatment Dr. Kim provided.

After I gave birth, I went back to see Dr. Kim several times. My hormones were in serious flux, my body ached. I was overwhelmed and teary. Dr. Kim’s treatments helped stabilize me and make me fell human again. But it is not just his treatments that are so effective. Dr. Kim is an amazing sprit who truly listens. I feel fortunate to have his in my family’s life.*

by Grace, Jamestown on Kim's Acupunctrue

After three years trying to conceive, my mom recommended we try acupuncture. Finally we found Dr. Kim and decided to give it a try. My husband I both had treatments for about 5 months. At the same time, we started working with a fertility specialist. We were amazed to see my husband’s sperm count and motility improve significantly after a few months of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. Multiple rounds of fertility treatments and one IVF cycle didn’t end up working, but miraculously after over there three years of trying we had a spontaneous pregnancy shortly after we stopped all treatments. Although we’ll never know for sure. I am convinced that acupuncture and Chinese Herbal medicine with Dr. Kim got me in balance and prepared my body for a natural pregnancy. We now have a precious little girl and are so thankful for Dr. Kim’s care and support!

Thanks again,*

by Lisa in Chesapeake on Kim's Acupunctrue

Over the last 3 years I had already undergone three failed IVF treatments, two resulting in miscarriage and one in preterm labor. The reason why I always had high FSH (20.7mg/dl to 32mg/dl). I told my friend who was a nurse, she really recommended to me trying acupuncture treatment. I was skeptical but willing to try anything. Dr. Kim treated me with weekly acupuncture, personalized Chinese herbal medicine for my pituitary glands, and a focused died, all to reduce my stress levels and increase my estrogen production in order to deduce my FSH level. As a result of four months treatment at Kim’s Acupuncture, I conceived naturally for the first time in my life at 35 years old and gave birth to a healthy baby girl! Thank Dr. Kim for your kind support for all of those trying months. We are forever grateful, thank you.*

by Jennie and John on Kim's Acupunctrue

My husband and I had been trying to conceive for 6 years. Until last year we spent with a infertility specialist with no luck determining the cause of my infertility. We tried Clomid, IUIs and finally decided to try IVF. The first attempt led to a pregnancy which I immediately miscarried, the second and third attempt failed. We finally decided one more try left, after which we were going to stop trying and begin looking into adoption. My friend recommended I see Dr. Kim for acupuncture in conjunction with my last IVF attempt. I always agreed with the concept of acupuncture, but was never hopeful it would work for me, especially after so many failed attempts at other methods of getting pregnant. Dr. Kim was very warm and kindly and took the time to explain the acupuncture process to me. The needles are nothing to be anxious about at all, if you can get your mind in the right zone, it can be a truly relaxing experience. I’m 6 months pregnant now. I never thought I’d see an end to out fertility journey and am finally able to start bonding with the baby growing inside me as it becomes more of a reality for me. Thank you for all your help. Hope all is well with you and your family.*

by Nancy P. on Kim's Acupunctrue

For the past 5 years my husband and I tried to start a family with no success. I met Dr. Kim and he told me that my body was not healthy enough to sustain a pregnancy at the time, so he treated me to get healthier with acupuncture and herbal tea. Within a month, I noticed huge differences in my health, including increased energy, improved circulation, deeper sleep and significantly improved digestion. Under Dr. Kim’s care, my body was finally strong enough to sustain a pregnancy. I’m now the mother of a healthy and beautiful baby girl. I’m so grateful to Dr. Kim for his care, compassion and commitment, and highly recommend him to all of my friends and family.*

by Judy on Kim's Acupunctrue

I had two miscarriages and told by two fertility clinics that I had to have surgery to correct a separate uterus, would need an egg donor and had very little chance of becoming pregnant much less having a live birth. I saw Dr. Kim for 3 weeks, had a period then never had one again. I am in the 18th week of pregnancy and everything is very comfortable. I really like Dr. Kim and highly recommend him! It’s relaxing and non-invasive, not to mention affordable!*

by P.F., Smithfield on Kim's Acupunctrue

Dr. Kim has been an instrumental part in my pregnancy. I began seeing him about three months prior to beginning my first IVF cycle after over 4 years of trying to conceive. Caring and professional, he was able to outline the benefits and limitations of acupuncture in terms of fertility. Treatments are relaxing and customized to your needs as they change over time – fertility, first trimester issues, cold and headaches, etc. I highly recommend Dr. Kim!*

by Vivienne L. on Kim's Acupunctrue

I had tried for almost 2 years to get pregnant, but couldn’t because of an irregular cycle. I was afraid that I could not get pregnant at that time. After speaking to Dr. Kim, I felt very confident and decided to try acupuncture treatment before going to IVF/IUI. Within a month and a half of treatments (5 sessions), I got pregnant naturally! Now, I am still in treatment to ensure things are going well and it is a stable pregnancy. I am writing to thank you for all of your help!*

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