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Kim's Acupunctrue
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by Ruth, VA Beach on Kim's Acupunctrue

I just want to thank Dr. Kim for All the GOOD HEALTH he had returned to me, and for feeling Good again.

It was almost impossible to believe that after my second visit, the hot flashes and sweats had decreased so much. Not only they disappeared, but I was feeling chilly at the mall and movies now..????!!!! Then the hormones settled down, the swelling, the weight gain, the insomnia, and the fogginess all, little by little went away. I was able to rest, think and eat like I used to.!!!! My lifetime addiction with chocolates and pastries is OVER!!!! I can look at them and keep going… Freedom at last!!!!

For the last 10 years I had to suffer fining NO way to stop the escalation and compounding misery of menopause and stress with ALL the consequences they bring. YOU name it, I HAD IT!!!!

Dr. Kim was able to understand and treat ALL my problems and more… just picking up my spirits here and there with a mini face lift and takin away foot pain, did WONDERS also!!!! Even my thinning hair is re-growing healthier and darker!!! Living is much easier now!!! No more depression either!!!

I just wish I could have found Dr. Kim before!!!! It was a big part of my life that I did not enjoy before the treatments. It was wasted!!! I was so miserable…!!! Now, I am just grateful and feel blessed to have crossed path with somebody so humble, so kind, so willing to help others.!!!

Dr. Kim is a generous, gentle and most knowleable professional I had the pleasure to meet. Caring and smiling are his gifts too. And, do not let me forget. Behind every great man is a even greater woman!!! Thanks also to Ms. Sue for all the support, encouraging words, hugs and love during my path to recovery.

Love you both and I will be always thankful for having meet you. Thanks for helping me in more ways that you can imagine.


by D.N. on Kim's Acupunctrue

I've replaced my hormone medication with acupuncture and herb formulas for my menopause symptoms. Not only does it work wonders on my hot flashes and night sweats, it makes me feel more energetic and relaxed. I can just sense my body turning for the better. Thanks Dr. Kim.*

by Amy H., Newport News on Kim's Acupunctrue

Dr. Kim was treating my husband for chronic lower back pain and he was responding so well that I asked him to inquire if he could help me with the pesky hot flashes I've been having. Now I go weekly, and not only has the intensity of the hot flashes lessened, but I have less migraines, and my sore back muscles feel much better. Dr. Kim's kind and gentle demeanor makes me feel comfortable and at ease. I'm always impressed. I feel so fortunate to have found Dr. Kim!*