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Kim's Acupunctrue
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by Carleneta Harris on Kim's Acupunctrue

The procedure was great after my session I felt good and I had plenty of energy!!!Im going back for more sessions.I give it 5 stars.*

by S. Jenkins, VA Beach on Kim's Acupunctrue

Sciatic pain

I have been a patient of Dr. Kim for a couple of months now and I must say that my health improved a lot. I have sciatic pain and trying to lose weight. Big difference now and no more pain. He is very courteous and professional. Highly recommended.*

by Hien, Newport News on Kim's Acupunctrue

Neck pain

I have been having degenerative cervical disc disease for at least 10 years. I constantly have severe pain in my neck area, tingling and numbness in left arm, deep muscle pain, and muscle spasm. I had two cervical discectomy surgeries and fusion to relieve the pain. Then for the past few years, I have also been diagnosed with Occipital Neuralgia. My doctor thinks it might be caused by the prior two cervical surgeries and from severe arthritis. The occipital nerve block. After few treatments, I still have severe neck pain and stiffness. My pain management specialist referred me to Dr. Manadero who is treating me for the neck stiffness. Under Dr. Manadero’s care, neck stiffness is greatly improved but I’s still in a lot of pain. Dr. Manadero refers me to Dr. Kim for trying out the acupuncture treatments for the occipital neuralgia. Dr. Kim started acupuncture treatments for me since middle of May 2013. First few weeks, I have treatments twice a week then gradually to once a week. Now, because the pain is much less severe, I have treatments once every two weeks. I’m so grateful that Dr. Manadero referred me to Dr. Kim. Dr. Kim exams my symptom and problems then treats kindly and most care. Dr. Kim’s assistant is always pleasant and friendly. She always greats me with her joyful smile every time I check in or make appointment for next treatment. Since Dr. Kim opens on every other Saturday, it is so convenient for me.

Dr. Kim, Thanks for wonderful experience. Because of your treatments, I can enjoy life much more now with free from occipital neuralgia. Thanks*

by George A. on Kim's Acupunctrue

Back Pain

I have suffered from low back pain on and off for many years. At the time of my first treatment I had been experiencing constant low back pain. I would wake up with the pain and it would last throughout the day. I have had chiropractic treatment in the past but never had experienced acupuncture. At the very first time with Dr. Kim I felt some difference. After three treatments I was completely pain free. I still, to this day, cannot believe how quickly I recovered. This treatment is truly amazing.*

by Smith Family, Newport News on Kim's Acupunctrue

Knee Pain

I began seeing Dr. Kim about 12 years ago for treatment of my sprained ankle, at the time I recovered with just one treatment. Since then I always believed in his care and professionalism, so my whole family took the treatments from him - my husband's hip arthritis, my daughter's depression and chronic fatigue.

I had knee surgery 20 years ago, I'd been doing pretty good until two weeks ago. My knee started hurting all the time... difficulty walking, swelling, painful. I called Dr. Kim immediately, took 5 treatments, and I was completely back to normal - exactly what I had expected.

Dr. Kim is very professional, taking great care to make you comfortable. My family is a believer! Thanks again!*

by Tom P., Smithfield on Kim's Acupunctrue

Low Back and Sciatica Pain

I have two herniated lumber discs with varying degrees of degenerated disc disease. I have been through several treatments and medications before I decided to try acupuncture treatment.

When I began acupuncture in November 2006, I wasn't able to stand or walk for more than 10 minutes before severe pain would shoot down from my right hip through my right leg. Acupuncture has given me my life back. It didn't happen overnight, but I steadily got better and less sciatic pain occurred after 7 treatments.

I started exercising slowly and recently walked comfortably.*

by Andrew on Kim's Acupunctrue

Neck and Shoulder Pain

I am a college student and an experienced athlete that enjoy vigorous activities such as marathons, mountain biking and basketball. I often get injured during the biking that developed mild to severe shoulder pain for about 3 months. I visited the chiropractic doctor and he told me that my neck was twisted causing a pinch nerve, which radiates to the shoulder causing shoulder pain. I was then treated and I injured myself again. Now, my shoulder got twisted with a torn rotator cuff. I continued to visit him for 3 months and I was experiencing good results until my neck spasm incident. I suddenly experienced neck spasms, which gradually got worse. At one time, I could hardly move my neck due to the unbearable pain. My chiropractor administered electric stem, pulsing light and ultrasound, but it didn't show any positive results. So I came home during the summer vacation and my dad asked me to try an acupuncture treatment. I decided to call Dr. Kim and was treated the very same day. I was treated for 2 weeks, 2 times a week then I could wake up with almost no pain. I continued to take 2 more treatments, and finally I was pain-free. It was great and amazing. I am really thankful and grateful to Dr. Kim for his genuine efforts.*

by Darcy, Williamsburg on Kim's Acupunctrue

Low Back Pain

Doctors, MRIs, cat scans and x-rays couldn't find where the stabbing pains emanated from. In two sessions, my 6 months of agonizing pain was relieved. I cannot begin to thank Dr. Kim for his skill and expertise. In a last act of desperation, I have found a miraculous release from the pain. If you suffer from pain, please try whatever is necessary to relieve your pain.*

by Nancy, Newport News on Kim's Acupunctrue

Migraine Headache

I have suffered from migraine headaches for 17 years and have tried all kinds of medications that have been only partially effective, and also hurt my digestive system. However, with acupuncture I have had very effective (sometimes within minutes) relief from pain. Still I don't understand completely how it works, but for pain relief, I highly recommend it.*

by Kathy, Newport News on Kim's Acupunctrue

Migraine Headache

For over 8 years I lived with a headache that made my migraines seem like a light bump on the head. After seeing Dr. Kim I am now virtually pain-free and can enjoy all the activities I used to do with my family. My sessions have not only been life altering but have allowed me to be me again instead of the withdrawn shell of a person I used to be.*

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