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by Sherfey, VA beach on Kim's Acupunctrue

I have now been a patient of Dr. Kim for over 4 months. After reading up on medical research which documents the effectiveness of acupuncture in treating sinus conditions, I came to Dr. Kim for help with my chronic sinus problems. These included chronic and sometimes severe pain in my eye and facial area – even my teeth hurt many days. I had sinus headaches that made it difficult of impossible to do well at my job. At times, I had allergic symptoms – red eyes, sore throat, and nasal congestion – especially at night, and getting worst of all every year in the spring and fall.

Dr. Kim took a thorough medical history, examined me, and assured me he could help. And he surely did! The first day, I had relief – and with subsequent visits, sinus problems became much less severe, and gradually quit coming back. This spring, which was a hard one for allergy sufferers, was the most symptom- free one I’ve had in many, many years. When many of my coworkers were unable to function due to the severity of their seasonal allergies, I was at work, fully functioning, and not even needing the sinus medications I used to take constantly at that time of year! I have been amazed at the dramatic improvement – and also delighted that the cure lasts, not like a pill that has all kinds of bad side effects, and wears off in 4 hours.

Dr. Kim has also been able to help me with a bad shoulder injury that occurred after I started seeing him- his treatment has not only eased to pain, but I also feel improvement in the shoulder after each visit.

Acupuncture has exceeded all my expectations – and I stated out with very high hopes. The procedure is non-invasive, has no bad or unpleasant side effects, and I leave ager each treatment feeling better all over most of all his years of experience are unmistakable in his skilled and expert treatment. I am so grateful to have found such a highly skilled and experienced practitioner of this ancient (and timeless) science of healing.*

by Frank, Williamsburg on Kim's Acupunctrue

I had suffered from allergies since childhood. In recent years, they have been getting worse. The allergies start every year beginning in March. These allergies made me absolutely miserable with my eyes burning, tearing, my throat itching and scratching, and my nose being congested. In May last year, my cousin, who also had allergies, recommended that I see Dr. Kim. The first treatment was amazing. I felt my nose open and totally clear up within minutes. I was surprised that acupuncture works just like my nose drops - fast. After my fifth visit, my allergies were completely relieved. I wish someone told me about this long ago. I went for a total of seven treatments with herbal pills and I had a whole season free of allergies.*

by J.M. on Kim's Acupunctrue

I have been having acupuncture treatments with Dr. Kim for almost a year now. I originally came to him for chronic sinus congestion and seasonal allergies. During my worst hay fever season, in the spring, I couldn't go anywhere without a box of tissues, and would often end up in bed exhausted from fighting allergy symptoms. Neither over-the-counter nor prescription medicines helped. Last spring, for the first time in years, I made it through the worst of my hay fever season without using any medications at all, thanks to Dr. Kim.*