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Kim's Acupunctrue
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 9 reviews
by Alex R., York County on Kim's Acupunctrue

Dr. kim’s acupuncture works! After each session, I noticed less aches and pains in my legs, back, shoulders, and hands, Most of all, I regained the energy to work and even exercise on a regular bases. Thanks to Dr. Kim’s help, I feel 100% better!*

by Annika W., Newport News on Kim's Acupunctrue

I have been a patient of Dr. Kim for several year now. Seldom do you meet a practitioner in the busy, fast-paced life who slows down time. He offers all the time you need. Dr. Kim listens deeply, kindly and with care. He treats people with consciousness, thoroughness and consistency.*

by Trina, Hampton on Kim's Acupunctrue

Wonderful experience, I haven't been sick with a cold for over a year!*

by Palene H. on Kim's Acupunctrue

It's been great for me to receive treatments from Dr. Kim once a week. It's the one moment in my day that things slow down and I get to relax and concentrate on my own well-being. I've seen a very clear improvement with my back pain and digestive system.*

by Marisa M. on Kim's Acupunctrue

Dr. Kim is truly in tune with his patients. He has a gift for getting to the root of what's going on with you and finding the best way to treat it. He has helped me more than any medical doctor I have visited and I feel blessed to have found him.*

by Kathryn L. on Kim's Acupunctrue

Dr. Kim is very professional and courteous. He spent a great deal of time assessing my needs and health inventory. I felt very comfortable and relaxed as he treated me. I would recommend his services to my friends.*

by Kathy J. on Kim's Acupunctrue

I have spent several years with Fibromyalgia. I've seen few doctors, but I have never met anyone as special as Dr. Kim. His compassion, wisdom, demeanor; there really are no words to describe him until you are in his presence. He immediately forms a partnership with his patients and makes you understand your role in your own healing. I have seen my IBS symptoms virtually disappear. My energy and headaches have improved steadily under his care. I feel very fortunate to have found a doctor, a healer and a partner to help me.*

by Travis W. on Kim's Acupunctrue

I am 29 years old. I have suffered from insomnia for the last 10 years, but with my career, it was seriously affecting my life. I have tried a lot of medications and I was still waking up several times every night, so I was always tired physically and mentally. I was told about acupuncture by my mom and several articles from newspapers and magazines.

I was a little skeptic at first seeing as nothing had worked before, but my first treatment with Dr. Kim was like nothing I expected. He narrowed down my problems quickly and targeted them directly with an acupuncture treatment and sent me home with herbal pills to help the treatment. I actually felt tired that day and slept deeply for over 5 hours, just waking up once. After three treatments, I was able to sleep normally most nights. I highly recommend it to anyone, either insomnia or just stressed, acupuncture really is the best way to go.*

by Dana C. on Kim's Acupunctrue

Who doesn’t want beautiful skin? With Dr. Kim’s unique treatments, you will achieve the radiant skin you have been seeking. But more importantly, you can get a more healthy body. I believe in his treatment philosophy, and truly recommend Dr. Kim.*